Futura 2000 – Expansions

While I’m admittedly a lightweight in the world of street art and graffiti, there was something about Futura 2000’s latest exhibit, Expansions, which clicked with me immediately. After reading a small quote about his recent work, a quote in which he drops the dreaded word “abstract” I became a bit hesitant as “abstract” is one of those danger words that sends you into a superhuman state, awaiting something stupid and preparing for the best means of escape. Luckily, this is far from the case with Futura 2000’s latest gallery as the abstractness of his recent work highlights the mood, tone, and overall attention to rhythm and feel that makes his work so engrossing.

Tell me that’s not some calming stuff (I know the music helps, but try and just focus on the work).



Futura 2000 – Galerie de Noirmont – Paris – Live Painting from Guillotine on Vimeo.

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