Spot the Art





Damien Hirst’s “spot” paintings are being shown in over 11 galleries across three continents in a recent blitz which promises a signed piece of a work to anyone that makes the trip to all 11 galleries. The works themselves are boring, replicated organizations of colored dots which aren’t even done by Hirst himself. Hired help adheres to two rules whilst producing these works:

1. Spots must be equidistant from eachother and

2. No color repeated in any dot within the same painting.

In this instance, Hirst has more in common with Andrew Carnegie then he does with Claude Monet. What Hirst is doing is commercializing art and profiting from it. I invite defenders of this latest body of work to tell me this isn’t about spreading his name and ego and making money from it. I understand art and its place with technology and our society of today, but whatever half-assed defense there exists for this is moot because there is no spirit or heart here, and that’s the key to any artistic expression.

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