Bristol: The Mecca of Street Art

While Banksy is as much a home name as any graffiti artist could be, Bristol, the city in which he’s from (maybe the only thing besides a possible name [Robin] that is known about Banksy), has become a center for street art.

In August of 2011 a festival was held titled “See No Evil” which gave free range to artists from all over the world to paint the exteriors of ten buildings for six days in the heart of Bristol. What a great role reversal it is when graffiti and street art are used to beautify an urban district that’s as stereotypically Britishly drab as you could get. Fathom, a great travel blog, highlights the city’s appreciation for not only its native son, but other artists as they’ve come to embrace the movement that’s put them on the map in the art world.

The local joke, because no one knows who Banksy is, is that everyone’s Banksy. The admiration and further support for the art scene is a special sort of great as it allows a “deviant” movement space for appreciation, and rightfully so. This is a leap forward for street artists as it demonstrates that if given the proper means to express themselves and create, other cities/towns could crackdown on vandalism by promoting the art behind it and using it to better the appearance of their own area.

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  1. For further proof of Bristol top-notch street art I suggest visiting


  1. Bristol: The Mecca of Street Art | artsnapper | artsnapper - February 29, 2012

    […] besides a possible name [Robin] that is known about Banksy), has become a center for street art.Via Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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