Hungarian Government’s Agenda Seeps into the Arts

Breaking News: Obama, in one swift movement, plans to combine the museum of Natural History and The Museum of Modern Art come Spring of next year. In addition to the combination of these two great, but very different museums, there will be a new permanent exhibition which will depict the glory of the United States and in particular president Obama’s office and likeness.

I’m kidding.

But imagine if that was the case here in the good ‘ol US of A? Well it’s reality in Hungary as Prime Minister Viktor Oban and his conservative Fidesz party has been accused of implementing their own agenda throughout the art world of Hungary. By replacing key figures in cultural positions, implementing pro-government exhibitions, changing established museums displays, and replacing countless monuments and statues from the post war era with ones that predate 1944, Oban has effectively changed the landscape of Hungarian art and imposed an all too familiar image for a country that combated its Soviet occupation since the end of WWII.

This despotic push has caused little alarm outside ofHungarywhich is shocking as Hungarian economist Janos Kovacs points out: “…it’s incredible that this is happening in the middle of the European Union without provoking angry reactions inBrussels.” Pressure from external forces must be put upon the government ofHungaryto stop this type of movement as voices from within the country are struggling to find any weight on their side. It’s almost unimaginable in this day and age for actions like this to go on, let alone go unnoticed or unhindered.

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