Fire Drawing

Fascination with fire ain’t nothing new, I’m sure a good lot of us spent time burning green army men and lighting other combustibles just to see that glow… or maybe that was just me and why I spent time in that facility…. Anyway; Studio Glithero, run by Tim Simpson and Sarah Van Gameren have found themselves lighting flammable screen printed paint in various shapes to create a piece of art that’s arguably more interesting while it’s happening then in its aftermath.

I like the premise of watching the flame intricately spread across the wood panel like a well done set of dominos. Unfortunately, the product of this process isn’t too special and I wish Simpson and Van Gameren would work on more designs that not only look cool, but bring more attention to the burnt wood aesthetic. Such an aesthetic can look really good and bring an archaic feeling to the piece. I can see this shtick taking off (if someone hasn’t done it already) if the duo can bring a twist to it like I previously mentioned.

Fire drawing from Glithero on Vimeo.

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