Backwoods Gallery Presents Usugrow

One thing I believe unwaveringly, and will never, ever doubt, is that the Japanese know how to do what others have started better then they could’ve imagined. My affinity for the Japanese punk and metal scene as well as movies and art is quite high and upon discovering the artist Usugrow it’s hit a new plateau.

From a culture where their written language is art alone, Usugrow began his career doing flyers and art work for numerous punk bands; a foundation that’s prevalent throughout his work today. This recent video gives an over the shoulder peak at not only his process and style, but also his personality and development as it’s a quick bio of his story. His notoriety for using skulls might put off some, but it’s fascinating to hear him explain that he prefers a “positive” skull, as thinks they have a “meaning of beginning also;” not just death.

USUGROW from Louis Mitchell on Vimeo.

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