Ever thought about collecting art?

Though I’ve never collected art (yet!) and cannot claim to be knowledgeable at all about that world, this seemed like a handy little guide for getting into art collecting. “Tips to Starting a Collection” from The Wall Street Journal

Several of the author’s points here on collecting ring true to me.  For instance, “buy what you like, not fashionable status symbols.”  Like anything else, I would think you should buy art because you love it, because it brings something interesting or beautiful into your life.  Of course, there is the whole investment side of the art market (and the “market,” really) that I don’t understand.  There are so many levels and arenas that art exists in, and so many different ways that an individual can approach it, from being an artist, to promoting arts education, to visiting museums, to using the internet to access and share art (such as through this platform, Artsnapper), to investing hundreds or millions of dollars in art.  But if you’re interested in getting into collecting, here’s a good way to start.


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