Terry Richardson’s first solo exhibition, aptly titled “Terrywood,” opened last weekend in Los Angeles and will run until the end of March. While I’ve never cared for tabloid culture, or who’s who in Hollywood, Richardson’s lens brings to life an area so plastic and commercialized I can’t help but find myself excited.

Richardson, a force unto himself in the world of photography, explores the center of the entertainment industry with over 25 of his latest photographs. Like the locale covered, Richardson’s images at times contain a vulgar clarity and level of purity that we’ve become used to in an industry where make up and computers erase all faults. Photos such as “Nude” and “Hooray for Hollywood” play on expectations and representations of the area whereas others like “Red Lips” recall Man Ray  and, much like Hollywood, focuses on sexuality and its isolation from the body. I don’t know if this is part of Richardson’s ideals, but “Terrywood” gives an informative look either way to the most seedy and glamorous place in the world.

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  1. Hollywood and sexuality

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