Read. Make art. Repeat.

After art, my next great love is books, so naturally I was drawn to this collection of works of art inspired by literature.  They are part of a long tradition of different media influencing one another, from plays based on books and operas placed on plays to current movies based on novels, video games, and the like.  I think it’s cool to see in these examples how they play off of and respond to one another in different ways.  Each work of art illuminates its source in a different way.  Naturally, some of my favorite works of fiction are themselves based on art and artists, such as Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy  Chevalier and The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.  And though this article doesn’t include illustrated books, I believe illustration to be an incredible art form and a beautifully illustrated book to be a physical work of art unto itself.  And as I go through in my head all the book illustrations I love, I figure I should save that for a whole other post unto itself.

Anyway, what do you think of this literature-inspired art? Any favorites? Any pieces to add?

“Great Works of Art Inspired by Great Works of Literature” – Flavorwire

One Response to “Read. Make art. Repeat.”

  1. like dali and picasso

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