Jarosław Jaśnikowski’s Marvelous World

I am not big fan of the surrealism movement, which includes artists such as  Salvador DalíGeorges Limbour,  Joan Miró and  Marcel Duchamp, therefore when I was told by my friend, John McAllen, about his new obsession with artist, Jaroslaw Jasnikowsk, I was not phased. He kept insisting that I check out Jaroslaw’s work. He kept telling me about Jaroslaw’s use of imagery that plays with physics, architecture, and the human body. Finally I decided to Google Jaroslaw and I came across his website.

The first picture I saw was “Koniec XX Wieku,” 2004 and literally my jaw dropped.  This painting includes theNew York Cityskyline, including the Twin Towers. Many of my friends could attest to the fact that I loveNew Yorkand no matter where I have been, no city compares. So the painting gets a check plus. But then I scrolled down on my screen and saw that the city sits on a cracked column that is ready to collapse, but it is suspended on a stick that is held by a young boy. As I see this, my imagination goes wild. I notice fragmented arches and columns, which appear to represent the collapse of the Roman Empire and I start to think how this translates to the collapse of the reigning power, which is New York, and the demise of Wall Street and the economic crisis.

I start to think about the perception of others and how from the outside, things are not what they truly are. I also start to think about the power of humanity and our ability to change the course of our future.

I probably stared at this piece for a good 15-20 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised. After going through the majority of his work, I sat back, called John, thanked him for the recommendation and hung up.

I love Jaroslaw Jasnikowsk’s work and recommend that you guys check out his work.

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