Critiquing and Supporting

Last week I sat on a crowded peak hour train charging toward THE art event of the year.  With artists exhibiting work from ceramics to photography, it would be an evening of grandeur and exclusivity.  The praise and delighted murmurs of the crowd began to come back to me as I mused about the previous events.

When I arrived to the venue I delicately picked up three cookies and a lemonade to began the rounds.   I quickly found my sister’s piece that was a selected to be a part of this years public schools art show here in my hometown.

As I stood there admiring her work, the crowded room of parents, teachers and of course sisters, rang with critiques of  “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs”, far more pleasant than the general banter and bashing of critics in the professional art world.

Witty Art Critic Mat Gleason recently published his opinions of critics at art fairs in the Huffington Post, equating their opinions to  “a review of Macy’s Labor Day Sale during their Thanksgiving Day Parade”.  Lets hope at least a few critics get the message…including some of the more competitive (though loving) soccer mom’s who attend next years art show.

Check out Mat Gleason’s article and be sure to look up what schools in your community offer open art shows.  Whether perusing world famous works or some of the local art in your community you can always find unique inspirations to share with the Artsnapper community.


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  1. Thanks for the mention Dianna! 😉

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