Art History Happening Today

If you’re an art history buff, or just curious about some worldly art, Istanbul is one important city!  From its days as Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul today, this city has provided important moments of cultural mixing and art creation along its impressive timeline.

Today, Istanbul is working to take on the contemporary art frontier with the project “Art Istanbul”.  The event for this momentous initiative will take place in November and was just announced on June 1st.   With excitement brewing about the fairs, auctions, and galleries that will come together, it is surely an amazing time for the arts in this historic city.  The exposition will help bolster worldly support for contemporary art and also help Istanbul grow as a current art hotspot.

Check out the project at along with an article about announcement at

Don’t forget that art is everywhere!  So, whether you’re down the street or visiting a city as amazing as Istanbul, SNAP it up!


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