Alyssa Monks and Paul Cadden

I’ve always marveled at artists who take on hyperrealism.  Two of my favorites include Alyssa Monks and Paul Cadden.  Both take precision and detail to the extreme but employ different qualities to achieve their vision.

Cadden takes on an oldschool photographic approach that provides rawness to his graphite works.  The tones immediately remind me of Dorthea Lange’s famed photo “Migrant Mother” as minute details express personal history and contemplation.  On the other hand, Monks plays up the clarity of her works with moments of abstraction.  Her juxtaposition ends up containing an incredibly inviting air of purity that I’ve long been captivated by.

The niches of the art world are teaming with unique perspectives.  Explore new facets of the art world while delving further into ones that you are already a fan of to expand your discovery everyday.

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