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The Institute of Contemporary Art: Philadelphia

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, more commonly known as the ICA, is well known for its constantly changing, abstract and original exhibits. Located right on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, exhibits and displays at the ICA are most typically geared towards attracting the creative interests of college-aged students; though the museum is still, […]

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First Friday in Philadelphia

 The first Friday of every month in Philadelphia, various art gallery owners open their doors free of charge to the public from 5:00PM-9:00PM in a neighborhood of the city that’s known as Old City. This section of the city spans approximately 8 blocks and is well known for its old and beautiful architecture, as well […]

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Artist Miler Lagos at MagnanMetz Gallery

HOME? After stumbling through some pictures from Miler Lagos last Exhibit (titled HOME) I must say, I really like the concept his art. The bright lighting and white wall background give work a contemporary vibe and then, further, making novels upon novels the main focal point of the photo provides the eye-catching elements of knowledge, […]

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Night time Artborist

Ron Ulciny Does Sculptures

I really enjoy the use of different materials and the natural colors that are used in this sculpture. The wood of the bowling pin compliments the nature infused sub-sculpture inside of it; the sandalwood color of the pin really working for this sculpture due to the darker elements of the night time scene within the […]

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Self Potrait with Felt Hat (C19)

Van Gogh Up Close exhibit

In Philadelphia, one of the most widely visited museums to check out visual art is Philadelphia’s very own Museum of Art. The Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the country and is one of the most beautiful attractions in Philadelphia. From now until May 6th, the Art Museum will be hosting Van Gogh Up Close, an exhibit that will be […]

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