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Hooray for Hollywood


Terry Richardson’s first solo exhibition, aptly titled “Terrywood,” opened last weekend in Los Angeles and will run until the end of March. While I’ve never cared for tabloid culture, or who’s who in Hollywood, Richardson’s lens brings to life an area so plastic and commercialized I can’t help but find myself excited. Richardson, a force […]

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Backwoods Gallery Presents Usugrow

One thing I believe unwaveringly, and will never, ever doubt, is that the Japanese know how to do what others have started better then they could’ve imagined. My affinity for the Japanese punk and metal scene as well as movies and art is quite high and upon discovering the artist Usugrow it’s hit a new […]

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West Coast Hip Hop Revisited

From the late 80’s through the 90’s hip hop climbed the rungs and had come to its most recognizable form in gansta rap. The names that are household today were dangerous then and were associated with gangs, violence, and drugs; an image that not only became alluring, but also helped record sales (now we can […]

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Pianos as Art, not Music

A collaborative effort by Shauna Holiman and Penny Putnam, “Piano as Art” is an exhibition in which old pianos have been dismantled and worked into various designs and shapes. What took me immediately about this body of work wasn’t the novelty behind using a musical instrument for visual art, but rather that most, if not […]

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Fire Darwing 1

Fire Drawing

Fascination with fire ain’t nothing new, I’m sure a good lot of us spent time burning green army men and lighting other combustibles just to see that glow… or maybe that was just me and why I spent time in that facility…. Anyway; Studio Glithero, run by Tim Simpson and Sarah Van Gameren have found […]

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PM Viktor Orban in front of a work he commissioned at the Hungarian National Gallery.

Hungarian Government’s Agenda Seeps into the Arts

Breaking News: Obama, in one swift movement, plans to combine the museum of Natural History and The Museum of Modern Art come Spring of next year. In addition to the combination of these two great, but very different museums, there will be a new permanent exhibition which will depict the glory of the United States […]

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Hangin’ in There

It’s not every day that a former pro skater unveils a gallery’s worth of work, let alone a gallery’s worth of work that’s good. Well the day has come and Steve Olson, a bigwig in late 70’s skating, showed off his latest work at the Known Gallery in L.A.entitled Hagin’. While you might think the title refers to hanging […]

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"Night Falls on SNPP"

Television Settings Reimagined

Tim Doyle’s latest collection, entitled Unreal Estate showcases some of TV’s most iconic locales rendered in his own unique style. Beyond my fanatical affinity for The Simpsons, it’s Doyle’s attention to detail and texture and his rich use of a narrow spectrum of on particular color that makes each print so engrossing. Take “Night Falls […]

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Daisuke Sakaguchi to take part in The Big Egg Hunt 2012

Sakaguchi, along with 199 other artists will take part in London’s Big Egg Hunt which will have the artists decorating massive eggs to be scattered throughout the city. Sakaguchi’s intricate style will be a pleasure to see on such a large and interesting surface; I can’t imagine how long it will take to appreciate every […]

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"God and Adam"

Pop Goes the Bible

I won’t lie, what appeals to me most about Mark DeMaio’s latest gallery, Pop Goes the Bible is not only the humor in his work, but the 1-2 punch that hits both Christianity and media tyrants such as Disney (who aren’t too far from religion themselves). The easiest way to build empathy to your cause […]

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Cindy Sherman hits MoMa

A career retrospective of one of the most important photographers of the last 50 years, Cindy Sherman, opened yesterday at the Museum of Modern Art with 175 images spanning her entire career. What I like most about Sherman’s body of work is her ability to meld disciplines and recreate herself time and time again. Her […]

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Bristol: The Mecca of Street Art

While Banksy is as much a home name as any graffiti artist could be, Bristol, the city in which he’s from (maybe the only thing besides a possible name [Robin] that is known about Banksy), has become a center for street art. In August of 2011 a festival was held titled “See No Evil” which […]

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Summer Olympics Could Spell Drought for London’s Art

With the summer Olympics approaching fast, there is much commotion surrounding the tourism that follows such an event; both good and bad. The Art News Paper reports that more than six million visitors are expected to be in London during the summer for the Games and that almost all the art venues within London expect […]

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"Wu Gorge" by Wu Guanzhong

China Reshapes the World of Art Sales

  With the surge in China’s economy over the past years it’s no surprise that some of the largest and most expensive collections of art belong to a few extremely wealthy individuals in China. The art market, much like the world economy, is being transformed by these collectors as, according to Artprice, 3 of the […]

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The Subjectivity of Art

When talking about art my reference point is always Jackson Pollock. Do I like Jackson Pollock? I never met him, but as for his art, no. So why then do I bring him up? I bring up Jackson Pollock because his artwork was the first time I understood, clear as day, that art isn’t just […]

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Spot the Art

        Damien Hirst’s “spot” paintings are being shown in over 11 galleries across three continents in a recent blitz which promises a signed piece of a work to anyone that makes the trip to all 11 galleries. The works themselves are boring, replicated organizations of colored dots which aren’t even done by […]

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Expansion Futura

Futura 2000 – Expansions

While I’m admittedly a lightweight in the world of street art and graffiti, there was something about Futura 2000’s latest exhibit, Expansions, which clicked with me immediately.

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Contemporary Azerbaijani Art Takes off in London

My knowledge of Azerbaijan is probably as limited as the next person; because of this ignorance, one that I’m sure isn’t too irregular throughout the States, Artnet’s highlight on Azerbaijani artists is all the more important and interesting (what little is known about the country itself, probably dwarfs whatever is known about their art). A […]

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