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Diverse Rhythm 2 by Alexandra Pacula

Investigating a world of visual intoxication.

Upon arriving at the Mighty Tanaka Gallery during DUMBO’s 1st Thursday Gallery Walk, I was entranced by the photographic abstractions of this artist.  Alexandra Pacula’s oil paintings are of dizzying and enchanting moments to which you cannot help but feel transported towards.  Pascula reveals her own enchantment in the following excerpt with poised vitality. “My work investigates […]

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You, Oil and bas relief on canvas

Shaka’s Incredible Absurdities

On Shaka’s website, he explains that his works and portrayals are of everyday absurdities. These snapshots into unique social moments literally extend beyond the canvas to grab hold of the viewer in a dynamic, yet calculated, frenzy. You cannot miss this street artist who has created an arsenal of work ready to blow you away. Explore Shaka’s website ( to […]

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Brock Davis

Brock Davis Everyday

Lots of different people like to steal the jack-of-all-trade title but Brock Davis takes the claim to a different level.  While his website claims that he has a “’knack” for what he does, I say he has a “larger-than-life-super-gift”. Davis is highly published in advertising but his projects are seeded throughout the artistic world.  You […]

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Silent Evolution, Depth 8m, MUSA Collection, Cancun/Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Art Beneath the Sea

Though it looks like we could have discovered a treasure trove of ancient sculpture, the man in a backwards baseball cap clues us in otherwise.  Off the coast of Cancun, a whole new world has been evolving with the help of artist Jason deClaires Taylor.  This British born contemporary artist has created underwater sculptures for […]

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Untitled, 2010, Acrylic on Plywood

Poured on the Floor

Much to my mother’s dismay, I’m pretty sure at five years old I was dumping paint on my kitchen floor while shouting “Look mommy, art!”  Though my work needed some refining, pour painting apparently has an edge in the art world, far beyond my childhood kitchen. Greenwich Village native, Holton Rower, is the artist of these colorful and eye […]

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False Start (1959)_1996 Jasper Johns_Collection David Geffen, Los Angeles_Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Jasper Johns Birthday

Today is Jasper Johns birthday and in light of him turning 82, we here at Artsnapper would like to share some information about one of the greatest artists of our time. Jasper Johns is known to have led the Neo Dada movement and is best known for his flag images and targets. Kenneth Griffin, the […]

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Artist Miler Lagos at MagnanMetz Gallery

HOME? After stumbling through some pictures from Miler Lagos last Exhibit (titled HOME) I must say, I really like the concept his art. The bright lighting and white wall background give work a contemporary vibe and then, further, making novels upon novels the main focal point of the photo provides the eye-catching elements of knowledge, […]

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Night time Artborist

Ron Ulciny Does Sculptures

I really enjoy the use of different materials and the natural colors that are used in this sculpture. The wood of the bowling pin compliments the nature infused sub-sculpture inside of it; the sandalwood color of the pin really working for this sculpture due to the darker elements of the night time scene within the […]

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N.C. Winters

Superhero Art

As of today, Marvel’s blockbuster film The Avengers has earned $200.3 million domestically, making it the biggest movie debut of all time. Prior to the release of The Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 held the title with $169.2 million and The Dark Night held the biggest superhero debut title with $158.4 million. In light of The Avengers‘ film […]

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Toke Moldrup II

Nikolaj Lund Combines Photography and Music

Award winning photographer Nikolaj Lund, who is not only a specialist in classical music photography but also has a background in classical music, takes musicians outside of the confines of the music arena and photographs them with their instruments doing odd activities. I am not a big fan of photography but Nikolaj does an impressive […]

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Accumulation-on-Cabinet_Yayoi Kusama_Sarah Lee for the Guardian

Yayoi Kusama is crazy but still going strong

Yayoi Kusama is still going strong at eighty-two years of age; the charmingly eccentric Japanese artist, who sold a painting for record-breaking $5.1 million in 2008 (highest for any living female artist at the time), has been granted a dizzying 14-roomretrospective by the Tate Modern in London. Personally I can’t help but admire Kusama; throughout her entire life, she has been a creative […]

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Self Potrait with Felt Hat (C19)

Van Gogh Up Close exhibit

In Philadelphia, one of the most widely visited museums to check out visual art is Philadelphia’s very own Museum of Art. The Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the country and is one of the most beautiful attractions in Philadelphia. From now until May 6th, the Art Museum will be hosting Van Gogh Up Close, an exhibit that will be […]

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Jarosław Jaśnikowski’s Marvelous World

I am not big fan of the surrealism movement, which includes artists such as  Salvador Dalí, Georges Limbour,  Joan Miró and  Marcel Duchamp, therefore when I was told by my friend, John McAllen, about his new obsession with artist, Jaroslaw Jasnikowsk, I was not phased. He kept insisting that I check out Jaroslaw’s work. He kept telling me about Jaroslaw’s use of imagery that […]

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Artsnapper_Chese Platter

The Art of Food

I love to eat and I love art (a common theme for most of us here at Artsnapper), therefore it was a nice treat when I stumbled upon the astonishing miniature food art created by artist Shay Aaron. Shay is an innovative artist who makes delectable penny-size art of food and food dishes. After admiring his […]

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Philip Park (@komeda)  Josh Riedel: "Millions of people live in Seoul, but this photo makes you believe there is only this one man and his bicycle."

Perfect Picture or Perfect “Snap”

As many of you have heard Instagram was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Yes, I did say BILLION not MILLION. Many people wonder why Instagram has became so popular and there are many hypothesis (i.e. user interface, sharing capabilities, etc) as to why this happened. I truly believe that their popularity and success […]

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Artsnapper_Face Shadow

Shadow Art is Unreal!!!

I have never actually seen shadow art but by the look of these images, the art appears to require immense amount of creativity not only in the positionining of the materials used, the angle of the lighting but also in the images that are created. My favorite pieces are the ones that appear to be […]

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Pianos as Art, not Music

A collaborative effort by Shauna Holiman and Penny Putnam, “Piano as Art” is an exhibition in which old pianos have been dismantled and worked into various designs and shapes. What took me immediately about this body of work wasn’t the novelty behind using a musical instrument for visual art, but rather that most, if not […]

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"Night Falls on SNPP"

Television Settings Reimagined

Tim Doyle’s latest collection, entitled Unreal Estate showcases some of TV’s most iconic locales rendered in his own unique style. Beyond my fanatical affinity for The Simpsons, it’s Doyle’s attention to detail and texture and his rich use of a narrow spectrum of on particular color that makes each print so engrossing. Take “Night Falls […]

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Bristol: The Mecca of Street Art

While Banksy is as much a home name as any graffiti artist could be, Bristol, the city in which he’s from (maybe the only thing besides a possible name [Robin] that is known about Banksy), has become a center for street art. In August of 2011 a festival was held titled “See No Evil” which […]

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