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Critiquing and Supporting

Last week I sat on a crowded peak hour train charging toward THE art event of the year.  With artists exhibiting work from ceramics to photography, it would be an evening of grandeur and exclusivity.  The praise and delighted murmurs of the crowd began to come back to me as I mused about the previous […]

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Looking at art, up close and on my screen

When I look at paintings in a museum, I like to get so close (if the guard will let me) that I can see the texture of the paint on the canvas.  I like to understand the physicality and dimensions of a sculpture, and I like to walk into a gallery and feel completely overwhelmed […]

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What is Outsider Art?

I love this piece about outsider art, written after the Outsider Art Fair hit New York the weekend of January 28th-29th.  If we need a pithy definition of outsider art, it refers to “art created outside the boundaries of official culture” (Wikipedia), such as art by self-taught, mentally disabled, or folk artists.  But as the […]

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