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Turquoise Marilyn (1964)

Monday Muses: Warhol Week

Starting this week, we will be posting a weekly bio about a particular artist from the past that has randomly caught our eye. This week has been declared Warhol Week! We picked Andy Warhol because much of his work is still ever present in our society today. His work is considered revolutionary in the pop-art […]

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The Artsnapper Survey (Art Preference/Art Movement)

In order to learn about our greater art world and about your preferences in art, we need your help! Whether you are an existing or aspiring art enthusiast, your voice matters. Please take following 1 minute survey, www.eepurl.com/mnN8z, to help us in our predictability efforts! The topic of this survey is: Art Preference (Art Movement)

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vip art 2

Looking at art, up close and on my screen

When I look at paintings in a museum, I like to get so close (if the guard will let me) that I can see the texture of the paint on the canvas.  I like to understand the physicality and dimensions of a sculpture, and I like to walk into a gallery and feel completely overwhelmed […]

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Art Predictions for 2012

Village Voice art critic Christian Viveros-Faune has made three predictions (with an introductory caveat that translates to, “just guessing, after all!”) for the coming year. The first one strikes me as a no-brainer; Viveros-Faune talks about the “aesthetics of decline,” the art movement that reflects the increasingly drab socioeconomic climate, spurred on by the increasingly heated […]

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