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Artsnapper blog is moving…

The Artsnapper blog  is now using a new platform and we will be able to offer our visitors an even better experience.  With a new home and new look we hope you’ll enjoy our site even more. Join us at http://artsnapper.com/, as we grow and be sure to request an invitation to our Smartphone Application! […]

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Dumbo Brooklyn

DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk

It is that time of the month again! If you are in New York, please join us tonight as we head to Brooklyn for DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk and enjoy a festive night filled with art, culture and amazing people. This month we’ve also teamed up with the amazing meetup ART IS CULTURE (http://www.meetup.com/ART-IS-CULTURE). […]

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Deep Fried Gadgets

Two Funnel Cakes and an IPad Please!

Now, hear me out for a minute.  Each time return to college in North Carolina I eagerly wait for the State Fair that has everything from carnival rides to livestock exhibitions.  But the most astonishing part of the weeklong event may in fact be the food.  Literally everything under the sun (from Oreos to alligator […]

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Artsnapper Releases Private Beta

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Get acquainted with the world of Art through Artsnapper Artsnapper is a visual art guide that enables you to discover, review and recommend art right at your fingertips  New York, NY May 24, 2012 – Are you fascinated by the art world but are not quite sure what to look for, where to go, or how to begin?  […]

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Three Flags by Jasper Johns

Whitney Biennial Visit

Many of those who know me, know that I am not shy about stating the obvious. For instance: If you invite me to a party and the party is boring, I am not going to lie to you and say “It’s an O.K. party”, which will be the polite thing to say. I am going […]

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Jarosław Jaśnikowski’s Marvelous World

I am not big fan of the surrealism movement, which includes artists such as  Salvador Dalí, Georges Limbour,  Joan Miró and  Marcel Duchamp, therefore when I was told by my friend, John McAllen, about his new obsession with artist, Jaroslaw Jasnikowsk, I was not phased. He kept insisting that I check out Jaroslaw’s work. He kept telling me about Jaroslaw’s use of imagery that […]

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The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch, which I experienced (yes, it’s an experience) at the Prado in Madrid

My Life in Art

Some of the most important objects by which I track my life are works of art.  They represent where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, what has interested me, who I was with, etc. I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled a good amount and to have seen some of the most amazing art collections in […]

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Light Up My Life

Between LED screens, shop windows, and the tip of the Empire State Building, New York City does not exactly lack nighttime illumination.  However, through “video mapping” technology, lights are now animating the city streets in new ways.  Though I haven’t witnessed any of these projections in New York, I’ve come across them in various other […]

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57th street

A Gallery Tour on 57th Street

Truth be told, as much as I love art, I’ve never been much of a gallery-goer.  I have always constantly visited museums, but galleries are an entirely different monster.  A gallery’s primary purpose is to sell artwork, and usually its client base is a very limited group of people.  Even so, their showrooms are free […]

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