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Investigating a world of visual intoxication.

Upon arriving at the Mighty Tanaka Gallery during DUMBO’s 1st Thursday Gallery Walk, I was entranced by the photographic abstractions of this artist.  Alexandra Pacula’s oil paintings are of dizzying and enchanting moments to which you cannot help but feel transported towards.  Pascula reveals her own enchantment in the following excerpt with poised vitality. “My work investigates […]

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Yayoi Kusama is crazy but still going strong

Yayoi Kusama is still going strong at eighty-two years of age; the charmingly eccentric Japanese artist, who sold a painting for record-breaking $5.1 million in 2008 (highest for any living female artist at the time), has been granted a dizzying 14-roomretrospective by the Tate Modern in London. Personally I can’t help but admire Kusama; throughout her entire life, she has been a creative […]

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