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Monday Muses: Warhol Week

Starting this week, we will be posting a weekly bio about a particular artist from the past that has randomly caught our eye. This week has been declared Warhol Week! We picked Andy Warhol because much of his work is still ever present in our society today. His work is considered revolutionary in the pop-art […]

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Taking a Look at Ben Heine

One day last year, I caught sight of Ben Heine’s humorous and clever Pencil Vs Photography works during a daily perusal of StumbleUpon.  Though I was entertained by the precision and creativity of the work, I entirely forgot about it until recently.  At the time, I had no idea who the artist was, or the […]

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Pop Goes the Bible

I won’t lie, what appeals to me most about Mark DeMaio’s latest gallery, Pop Goes the Bible is not only the humor in his work, but the 1-2 punch that hits both Christianity and media tyrants such as Disney (who aren’t too far from religion themselves). The easiest way to build empathy to your cause […]

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