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Brock Davis Everyday

Lots of different people like to steal the jack-of-all-trade title but Brock Davis takes the claim to a different level.  While his website claims that he has a “’knack” for what he does, I say he has a “larger-than-life-super-gift”. Davis is highly published in advertising but his projects are seeded throughout the artistic world.  You […]

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Looking at art, up close and on my screen

When I look at paintings in a museum, I like to get so close (if the guard will let me) that I can see the texture of the paint on the canvas.  I like to understand the physicality and dimensions of a sculpture, and I like to walk into a gallery and feel completely overwhelmed […]

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Light Up My Life

Between LED screens, shop windows, and the tip of the Empire State Building, New York City does not exactly lack nighttime illumination.  However, through “video mapping” technology, lights are now animating the city streets in new ways.  Though I haven’t witnessed any of these projections in New York, I’ve come across them in various other […]

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