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Jarosław Jaśnikowski’s Marvelous World

I am not big fan of the surrealism movement, which includes artists such as  Salvador Dalí, Georges Limbour,  Joan Miró and  Marcel Duchamp, therefore when I was told by my friend, John McAllen, about his new obsession with artist, Jaroslaw Jasnikowsk, I was not phased. He kept insisting that I check out Jaroslaw’s work. He kept telling me about Jaroslaw’s use of imagery that […]

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Young Boy Helping An Old Man Light Hispipe

3 Year Old Artist

We here at Artsnapper are strong believers that anyone who wants to enjoy art deserves the right to do so. We also encourage the participation of all type’s of people in the art world. With that in mind, here is a video of a three year old, Zach, who makes beautiful art. Art is for everyone.

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The Prado's Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa in Spain?

I don’t have any personal investment in the Mona Lisa — don’t love it, don’t hate it, it is what it is — but as arguably the most famous painting in the world, I was surprised to see how little buzz there was surrounding the discoveryofitsearliestcopy. Art conservators at the Prado museum in Madrid have identified […]

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Backwoods Gallery Presents Usugrow

One thing I believe unwaveringly, and will never, ever doubt, is that the Japanese know how to do what others have started better then they could’ve imagined. My affinity for the Japanese punk and metal scene as well as movies and art is quite high and upon discovering the artist Usugrow it’s hit a new […]

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Fire Darwing 1

Fire Drawing

Fascination with fire ain’t nothing new, I’m sure a good lot of us spent time burning green army men and lighting other combustibles just to see that glow… or maybe that was just me and why I spent time in that facility…. Anyway; Studio Glithero, run by Tim Simpson and Sarah Van Gameren have found […]

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Bristol: The Mecca of Street Art

While Banksy is as much a home name as any graffiti artist could be, Bristol, the city in which he’s from (maybe the only thing besides a possible name [Robin] that is known about Banksy), has become a center for street art. In August of 2011 a festival was held titled “See No Evil” which […]

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(Yarn) Bombs Away

As both a fiber and street art enthusiast, I absolutely love the concept of yarn bombing (if you’re not familiar, prankster knitters and crocheters stealthily cover objects in public places with a yarn sheath). The work of artist Olek takes the movement to a whole different level, and makes me downright giddy.  Last year, in […]

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Expansion Futura

Futura 2000 – Expansions

While I’m admittedly a lightweight in the world of street art and graffiti, there was something about Futura 2000’s latest exhibit, Expansions, which clicked with me immediately.

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This is why they call it art

Mikito Ozeki / Cut Out from mikitoozeki on Vimeo. I truly love the detail that is being used by the artists. His ability to sit there and create is beautiful.

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