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Diverse Rhythm 2 by Alexandra Pacula

Investigating a world of visual intoxication.

Upon arriving at the Mighty Tanaka Gallery during DUMBO’s 1st Thursday Gallery Walk, I was entranced by the photographic abstractions of this artist.  Alexandra Pacula’s oil paintings are of dizzying and enchanting moments to which you cannot help but feel transported towards.  Pascula reveals her own enchantment in the following excerpt with poised vitality. “My work investigates […]

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After by Paul Cadden

Alyssa Monks and Paul Cadden

I’ve always marveled at artists who take on hyperrealism.  Two of my favorites include Alyssa Monks and Paul Cadden.  Both take precision and detail to the extreme but employ different qualities to achieve their vision. Cadden takes on an oldschool photographic approach that provides rawness to his graphite works.  The tones immediately remind me of […]

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You, Oil and bas relief on canvas

Shaka’s Incredible Absurdities

On Shaka’s website, he explains that his works and portrayals are of everyday absurdities. These snapshots into unique social moments literally extend beyond the canvas to grab hold of the viewer in a dynamic, yet calculated, frenzy. You cannot miss this street artist who has created an arsenal of work ready to blow you away. Explore Shaka’s website ( to […]

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Istanbul, Louis Toffoli

Art History Happening Today

If you’re an art history buff, or just curious about some worldly art, Istanbul is one important city!  From its days as Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul today, this city has provided important moments of cultural mixing and art creation along its impressive timeline. Today, Istanbul is working to take on the contemporary art frontier with the […]

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Deep Fried Gadgets

Two Funnel Cakes and an IPad Please!

Now, hear me out for a minute.  Each time return to college in North Carolina I eagerly wait for the State Fair that has everything from carnival rides to livestock exhibitions.  But the most astonishing part of the weeklong event may in fact be the food.  Literally everything under the sun (from Oreos to alligator […]

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Art Critic Cartoon

Critiquing and Supporting

Last week I sat on a crowded peak hour train charging toward THE art event of the year.  With artists exhibiting work from ceramics to photography, it would be an evening of grandeur and exclusivity.  The praise and delighted murmurs of the crowd began to come back to me as I mused about the previous […]

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RAINBOW 2012 May, Urban installation, Origami

The delicate vigor of Mademoiselle Maurice

Smatterings of finely folded paper flocks have touched down in France as colorful and poetic statements from Mademoiselle Maurice.  With facets the human-nature relationship resonating strongly, her delicate vigor in creating inspiring work is ever so delightful. I was happily lost in this beautiful video as I barely noticed her over-the-shoulder glances.  How could any […]

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ArtForum #28, Chasm, 2011, ArtForum magazine, , 11.5 x 10.5

Excavating and Creating

Though I log a good amount reading into examining worldly art publications, this artist takes a unique approach in reviewing one book in particular.  Fransesca Pastine takes her crafty expression to the popular art book ArtForum.   With a poignant approach, she excavates through this section of the art world. What looks like color exploding […]

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Brown Eyes

Taking a Look at Ben Heine

One day last year, I caught sight of Ben Heine’s humorous and clever Pencil Vs Photography works during a daily perusal of StumbleUpon.  Though I was entertained by the precision and creativity of the work, I entirely forgot about it until recently.  At the time, I had no idea who the artist was, or the […]

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Brock Davis

Brock Davis Everyday

Lots of different people like to steal the jack-of-all-trade title but Brock Davis takes the claim to a different level.  While his website claims that he has a “’knack” for what he does, I say he has a “larger-than-life-super-gift”. Davis is highly published in advertising but his projects are seeded throughout the artistic world.  You […]

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Visions Ignited

Passion is something that’s inherently accepted in art.  Passion from the artist, passion from the audience, it’s a burning emotion that is all consuming and constantly igniting new artistic visions. Kyle Thomson is taking the sentiment into his own hands with his seemingly preternatural self-portraits.  This self-taught college student is clearly able to amp up […]

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Silent Evolution, Depth 8m, MUSA Collection, Cancun/Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Art Beneath the Sea

Though it looks like we could have discovered a treasure trove of ancient sculpture, the man in a backwards baseball cap clues us in otherwise.  Off the coast of Cancun, a whole new world has been evolving with the help of artist Jason deClaires Taylor.  This British born contemporary artist has created underwater sculptures for […]

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Untitled, 2010, Acrylic on Plywood

Poured on the Floor

Much to my mother’s dismay, I’m pretty sure at five years old I was dumping paint on my kitchen floor while shouting “Look mommy, art!”  Though my work needed some refining, pour painting apparently has an edge in the art world, far beyond my childhood kitchen. Greenwich Village native, Holton Rower, is the artist of these colorful and eye […]

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